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In, perhaps, my favorite bit of film journalism ever, David Foster Wallace wrote about David Lynch and his visit to the set of Lost Highway in 1996 for Premiere. And in speaking of what is properly Lynchian and why it’s important, he states: “An academic definition of Lynchian might be that the term ‘refers to a particular kind of irony where the very macabre and the very mundane combine in such a way as to reveal the former’s perpetual containment within the latter.’” He then goes onto explain such things as, someone like Ted Bundy wouldn’t be Lynchian but “good old Jeffrey Dahmer with his victims’ various anatomies neatly separated and stored in his fridge alongside his chocolate milk and Shedd Spread, was thoroughly Lynchian.” And his realization that “a good 65 percent of the people in metropolitan bus terminals between the hours of midnight and 6 A.M. tend to qualify as Lynchian figures,” is just one of many brilliant and wonderful observations made in the piece which you can read HERE

David Lynch Tells Us That ‘Twin Peaks’ is a Real Place and Of Course It Is


Donna Hayward says hello,

the viewers say “please go”.

She doesn’t.

This is really freaking me out.


Twin Peaks, Episode 2.01

I love that in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me you see what happened the first time Donna borrowed Laura’s clothes.


You know how to interest a man. That’s half the battle.


Megan Brain’s piece for the “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” 20th anniversary group art exhibition at the Copro Gallery 

The exhibit runs April 21 - May 12, 2012